AIYIMA D05 5.0 Bluetooth Sound Amplifier 120W×2 HIFI 2.1 Channel Digital Power Amplifiers Subwoofer Amp USB DAC OLED Remote APTX

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Product model: Aiyima–D05
Color: Black
Chips set: CM6642, TAS5508, TAS5352A, QCC3008, CS8422, WM8782
Working Voltage: DC 24-36V, can’t over 36V ( package includes 32V 5A power adapter)
Input sensitivity: 0.775V
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (±1dB)
SNR(Singal noise rate): ≥105dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.001% (1kHz1w)
Bluetooth distortion rate: 0.01%
Bluetooth Version: 5.0 (QCC3008)
Bluetooth support: ACC.SBC.aptX.aptX LL
Speaker match resistance: 4-8Ohm
Amplifier max output power: 120W+120W, load 4Ohm speaker
PC-USB Support max sample rate: PCM 192kHz/24Bit
Coaxial Support max sample rate: PCM 192kHz/24Bit
Optical Support max sample rate: 192kHz/24Bit
PC-USB support system: XP, W7, W10, mac, Linux, mobile phone OTG
Audio input: Bluetooth, PC-USB, Optical, Coaxial, RCA
Audio output: Banana Jack, Golden subwoofer output (connect with active subwoofer speaker)
Product size: 183*128.5*37mm
Package weight: 1.5kg.

Operation Steps:

1. Connect speakers to SPK OUT interface
2. Connect the sound source to the sound
source input interface
3. Connect power supply (power supply
should not exceed
4. Press machine ON/OFF or remote control
to start the machine
5. Press the machine input channel
selection key or the remote control to
select the input channel
6. When using bluetooth input, the input
channel needs to be set to BT

Instructions for PC-USB operation:

1. Connect the PC-USB interface of the rear
surface of the machine with factory
provided USB cable (USB can support hot
2. Press the input signal selection switch to
select USB input.
3. The following photo shows the icon with
horn symbol in the lower right corner of
4. Click right button to pop up the dialog
window and click
5. Select the playback device recognized by
PC in the pop-up dialog window (USB of
this machine is automatic identification,
no manual installation and drive).
6. Click to confirm the identified digital

Common Questions:

Q: Why can’t I find Bluetooth?
A: The input channel must be switched to BT to search for a connection to bluetooth

Q: Why music is stutter when using bluetoth?
A: The effective transmission distance of bluetooth is 10M without blocking. If it exceeds 10M or there is obstruction, the transmission distance of bluetooth will be affected

Q: Will my speakers burn out if I have a speaker below 100W?
A: No, the maximum output of the amplifier is 120W, which means the sound is set to the maximum. If the speaker is low in power, just turn the sound down

Q: Why does the speaker have so loud current noise?
A: If you are not using the power supply not from factory originally, please replace the power supply before testing.Many power sources in the market have high interference factor which will cause high current sound.

Q: Why do I plug in the input line and not connect to the sound source, the sound box will have a big buzz?
A: When the signal line without shielding is not load, there will be interference signal into the amplifier for amplification. If you hate this sound, it suggests you replace the signal line with shielding, or unplug the signal line.

Q: Why is it that the volume of the machine remains the same while different sound sources (such as a CD and a cell phone), but the volume is different.
A: Different devices output different electrical signal amplitudes, such as mobile phones are usually 0.35mV, and CDS are 1V.,then the sounds are of different

Q: Why is there no sound when PC-USB is connected to PC
A: Please follow the pc-usb operation steps first to confirm whether the digital playback output is selected. If you still have no sound, you can restart the computer and repeat the operation again

Q: Can I keep plugged in and not turn off?
A: Yes, the power consumption of our machine on standby is very small. Of course, we still suggest to unplug the power if it is not used for more than one hour

Q: Can we use the amplifier in different countries?
A: Yes, but it needs to be our standard power supply. it is suit for AC 100-240V power supply

Instruction of Front & Rear Surface:

1 ……ON/OFF Switch/Channel Election/Bass
& Treble Adjustment/Loudness Adjustment
2 ……Input channel selection Switch
3 ……OLEDdis play window
4 ……IR remote receiver
5 ……Vol +/- & mute switch (press for mute)
6 ……Bluetooth antenna (Bluetooth is optional)
7 ……PC-USB input interface
8 ……Optical input interface
9 ……Coaxial input interface
10……RCA input interface
11……A low-pass output
12……Speaker interface (Red: positive,
Black: negative, R: right speaker, L:left speaker)
13……PSU interface (DC power supply, not
exceed 36V)

OLED Display Window Instruction:

A. Input channel display area,
B. Input sample rate area, no signal will show – – –
C. Volume display area,Volume range 0-99
D. At the bottom is the volume progress bar

High and low sound setting display style, high and low sound adjustable range ±12dB

EQ display style, display Jazz/Classical/Dance/Pop/Soft/Normal/Rock/SoftRock according to the selection

Open different EQs in TONE-ON mode, HIFI mode is pass-through mode

Three Selection of Sound System

1.2.0 passive speaker
2.2.0 passive speaker+ active subwoofer speaker
3.2.0 passive speaker + subwoofer amplifier + passive subwoofer speaker

Package include:

1* Amplifier
1* 32V 5A Power Adapter
1* Remote Control (without battery)
1* PC-USB Cable
1* Optical Cable
1* User’s Manual
1* Bluetooth Antenna

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