Balloon table floating bracket tree

11.000 $

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1Style: 70cm large table floating stand
2Style: 72cm Bobo Ball and Floor Floating Bracket
3Style: 1 meter love floating bracket
4Style: 1 meter floor float bracket
5Style: 1.3m floor float stand
6Style: 1.6m floor float stand
7Style: 1.3m balloon tree stand
8Style: 1.6m balloon tree stand
9Style: 1 column base + pole 1.2 meters
10Style: 1 column base + pole 1.2m + 10 buckles
11Style: Hand floated rod bundle

Weight0.26 kg
Dimensions370 × 300 × 60 cm

5Style, 2Style, 9Style, 11Style, 10Style, 8Style, 6Style, 4Style, 1Style, 7Style, 3Style


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