Baseus USB Type C PD 20W Cable for iPhone SE 11 Pro X XS 8 Fast USB

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Baseus Simple Wisdom Data Cable Kit

PD 20W Quick Charge for iPhone

PD 20W Fast Charge, Compatible with PD 18W

Stable without pop-up windows, suitable for fast charging iP devices

1.5 Meters, Longer but not Slower

Upgraded fast charging recognition chips help control current and voltage

properly for 1.5 meters PD 20W and 18W fast charging, without damage to


Low Loss 5 Strands of Tinned Copper Cores

5 strands of tinned copper cores form a 1.5 meters cable with PD 20W high

power output, avoiding interference to reduce loss and ensuring faster


Quality PVC, Non-yellowing

Unadulterated cables, stain-resistant and easy to clean

360° Bending

Reinforced Strain Relief, durable and anti-cracking

Data/Files Transfer in a Second

480Mbps transmission speed, do without network

Sufficient Length/Quantity

1.5 meters are long enough for charging while using

One for using in the office, the other for using at home, no need to carry

back and forth

Easy to store without twining

Complimentary hook and loop strap.

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2pcs, 1pcs




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