Home Modern Coffee Table Fruit Tray Snack Storage Box

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Product information:

Material: Rattan

Style: Southeast Asia

Color: small oval-shaped fruit tray 20*12*3.5cm, small oval-shaped fruit tray 23.5*15*4cm, small oval-shaped fruit tray large 27*19*5cm, round shallow tray small 19*3cm, round Shaped shallow dish small 19*3cm, round shallow dish large 25*5cm, hollow flat bottom fruit basket small 21*6m, hollow flat bottom fruit basket medium 24*8cm, hollow flat bottom fruit basket large 27*10cm, round Small fruit basket diameter 20cm*7cm, medium round fruit basket 23*9, large round fruit basket 26*11, wave fruit basket small 22*7cm, wave fruit basket medium 25*8cm, wave fruit basket Large size 29*10cm, bread basket small size 22*3cm, bread basket medium size 24*3cm, bread basket large size 28*4cm

Packing list: 

Rattan Fruit Basket*1

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 150 cm

Small ovalshaped fruit tray, Small oval medium size, Small oval large size, Round shallow dish small, Round shallow dish Medium, Round shallow tray large, Hollow flatbottom fruit baske, Hollow flat bottom medium, Hollow flat bottom large, Round small, Round medium Size, Round large size, Wave small size, Wave medium size, Wave large size, Bread basket small size, Bread basket medium size, Bread basket large


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